St John’s has partnered with HammondCare to provide an aged care facility for homeless people with high care needs on the site next to the church. 

The aged care home has capacity for 42 people who have high care needs. It differs to many of the services currently available in the area, through its provision of long-term accommodation and services for those with complex care needs – as opposed to short-term, crisis accommodation. It caters for both men and women aged over 55 years.

St John’s has been supporting homeless men and women in Darlinghurst for 30 years through programs such as Rough Edges. Darlinghurst is part of an area with the highest number of aged homeless men and women anywhere in Australia – the need is great.

Most existing residential services for homeless people in the Darlinghurst area provide short-term shelter or long- term accommodation, but without higher levels of care. HammondCare Darlinghurst is distinctive through its focus on care, not just accommodation, as well as serving both older men and women, including those with complex needs. 

The model of care draws on HammondCare’s expertise in residential aged and dementia care, psycho-geriatric care, all within a framework that is personalised and maximises independence.

Visit: https://www.hammond.com.au/locations/nsw/darlinghurst

E-Mail: darlinghurst@hammond.com.au