Rough Edges

Rough Edges is a café located on Victoria St Darlinghurst. It’s in the middle of some of Sydney’s most popular venues- right next door to the Victoria Room, a few doors up from Messina, across the road from Una’s and Bar Colluzzi. But Roughies is distinctive because it is a café for absolutely anyone- an incredibly diverse, colourful, fascinating collection of people. At Roughies, you can get something to eat, something to drink, someone to talk to. And you can watch tv, read the paper, play Scrabble, or just sit and be quiet.

Roughies is open on Wednesday and Friday from 11am to 2pm. We operate a programme called CAPP (Community Assistance Partnership Programme) which helps people move from emergency situations to greater sustainability. CAPP is operated by Wayne Palmer, Rough Edges’ social worker. People also drop in for a coffee and a chat, or maybe to do some painting, or read the paper.

We are also open on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights.

See the website If you are interested in volunteering, giving or want more information. Below are the various programs that run within Rough Edges.

The Urban Walk invites participants to explore Kings Cross from a different perspective. The walk is lead from one of our Rough Edges patrons who openly share their stories. We enter into a range of different spaces and places in the area and explore a range of ideas and questions including:

  • Inclusion and Exclusion: What are the ways societies use space to exclude others? How can we create spaces and places that are inclusive?
  • Addiction: Who’s the addict? What addictions are you likely to encounter in your lives? What are the different approaches people take to addiction?
  • Alternatives to Violence How can we deal with conflict creatively and peacefully? Who are our neighbours? Do we know them?
  • How can we serve our local communities?

Even with emergency relief assistance to ease an immediate stress, some people quite often find the pressure soon builds again. For one reason or another, people may feel they are unable to “get their heads above water” and are always in crisis.

The Community Assistance Programme (CAPP) offers support to people to help them make changes towards a lifestyle that is manageable and sustainable.

CAPP is based on a solution focused model and is very practical, taking into account the mental, emotional and spiritual issues that impact how people live.

“Kinship– not serving the other, but being one with the other. Jesus was not “a man for others”; he was one with them. There is a world of difference in that.” Gregory Boyle

STREETWISE is a community that seeks to find, know and follow Jesus on the streets of the inner city. We explore Christian spirituality, community and faith in the contexts of homelessness and marginalisation. Our end is to create a community of kinship that helps us love our neighbours as ourselves.

St John’s Community Services Ltd (SJCS) provides a free of charge legal service to disadvantaged and vulnerable people living in Kings Cross and its surrounds. The service is provided by Belinda Paxton of Paxton Solicitors with all costs covered by SJCS.

Banksia Women is a drop in space that also offers case work. We believe that all women and children who have experienced DFV have a right to safety, dignity and choice. So, we aim to be a space where we facilitate healing through empowering women; supporting their needs; and providing them space to connect with others.